Monday, November 3, 2008

Delivery Drive ( People At Our Door 1 of 3 )

Prismacolor & ink on 5 x 81/4 Moleskin page 

This is a scene from my diary about us being out of food in the house and too lazy to go anywhere.  We ordered food from a local restaurant using takeout-taxi.  The driver knocked on our door and I opened it and there stood this out of breath, tall and thin 80 year-old man standing there with two large insulated containers that he lugged up the flight of stairs to our door.  I instantly lost my apatite assuming that this man had to work at this job and at his age to probably just to get by.  My girlfriend yelled as she walked down the hallway, "I have the tip."  When she was in view of our food deliver I could tell by the look on her face she felt the same way.  She faced me and said, "I'm going to find more cash for a tip."  After finishing our business with the delivery driver we shut the door and both agreed, that was very depressing.

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lechugalisa said...

this made me wonder if we are all running around picturing others' lives as being sad when they are really (?)
who knows?
sometimes i wonder if other people are picturing my life as sad too...