Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Missed Meeting

Prismacolor & ink on 5 x 81/4 Moleskin page

This is a sequence of scenes from my diary about us commuting to Emeryville after work in the worst downtown traffic ever.  Heather had an appointment to meet with a music marketer which she never made it to even though she gave us a 2 hour buffer.  Below are all the reasons why we didn't make, but #1 is the main reason.

1. I left my office 30-min late from my work even after she had IM'd a reminder.
2. I had to improvise a new route from my office to her work because my usual rout involves using Folsom St., a major road to the Bay Bridge that was backed up.
3. It took us 1 hour to get from her work to the Bay Bridge.

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