Monday, November 3, 2008

Sad Salesman ( People At Our Door 3 of 3 )

Prismacolor & ink on 5 x 81/4 Moleskin page

This is a scene from my diary about a window salesman that came to our apartment to give us a free estimate for replacing 3 windows and a sliding door.  He measured our window and then showed us the differences between the cheap product and his product.   We pointed out that our neighbor had just installed windows himself and had paid $600.00 for all 3 total.  He took a look out our front window and said, "those are the cheap windows, my product is going to run you a lot more."  He then begun to price out how much it was going to cost us.  The total came to $13,000.00, but after our mouths hit the floor and we explained our situation he gave us what he called, "you would have to be family to get this discount."  After he calculated the discount we were looking at a $8,000.00 total.  We told him we would have to think about it and helped him grab his things.  He told us it's hard times for everyone and added a few of his own depressing times stories as we he made he way out the door.  After we shut the door we looked at each and agreed that it seemed like everyone that comes to our door seemed to have a sad story.

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